Fact Check-Joe Biden’s eyes are still blue

Posts making the claim that U.S. President Joe Biden has been replaced by another person because his eye color has changed with age are false.

Examples can be seen here and here .

Some posts include an image composed of two separate photos Biden. The text above the image reads: “Something just doesn’t seem right… because It’s not. P.S. Eyes don’t normally change color with age.”

Comments on the posts include: “We are living in Hollywood super production movie!!!! You can’t tell who’s who!!! You can’t tell what’s true!!!”, “Clone/body double for sure. The real Biden has been executed” and “It’s the eye color that trips me up... I don’t think our eyes change color as we age so...”

The claims that Biden has been executed or replaced appear to be linked to the widely debunked QAnon conspiracy theory. Some supporters of QAnon, which espouses that former President Trump is secretly fighting a cabal of child-sex predators that includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and “deep state” allies (here), have claimed that Biden is not really president and that the military is in power until Trump returns to office.

The photograph on the left of the image shows a younger Biden with the original photo visible here and here . It shows Biden’s official senate photo in 2006.

Other photos of Biden from 2006 can be seen here and here when he would have been about 64 years old. Biden is currently 78.

The photograph on the right of the image in the posts come from a screenshot of Biden’s presidential campaign announcement video from April 25, 2020, visible on C-SPAN here . Although his eyes appear darker at some parts of the video, they appear to be blue.

Recent Reuters photographs of Biden ( here , here , here and here ) as well as his presidential portrait (here) show that his eyes still appear to be blue.

Eye color remains mostly constant throughout a person’s lifetime and can appear to change due to illusions in lighting and colors around the person. Eye color can sometimes change with aging, or due to a medical condition or trauma (further reading can be found here , here and here ).

Reuters Fact Check previously debunked a similar claim that Biden’s eyes appeared black during the first presidential debate here .


False. Joe Biden’s eyes remain blue, photo does not prove he has been “replaced” as some posts claim.

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