Fact Check-Joe Biden did visit a children’s hospital on Christmas Eve; Seacrest Studios are located in numerous pediatric hospitals

Social media users have falsely claimed that U.S. President Joe Biden did not visit children in a pediatric hospital on December 24, and instead met children at a TV studio. Users cited a sign for ‘Seacrest Studios’ viewable in news reports of the visit as proof. However, the sign was inside the hospital. Seacrest Studios can be found in 11 pediatric hospitals across the country and were set up by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for patients to be able to explore media, television and radio while in hospital.

One user posted a screenshot of a Reuters report of the visit to Children’s National Hospital, Washington D.C. on Facebook and said: “Everything Biden says or does is a lie. On Christmas Eve, the Sock Puppet and his fake doctor wife pretended to visit a "children's hospital." What it was instead was a film studio - Seacrest Studios - mocked up to sort of look like a children's hospital. And our corrupt news media is still trying to cover for them. My goodness” ( here ).

Another user shared the screenshot and tweeted: “Why would a children's hospital have a Seacrest Studios sign?” ( here ).

Other examples of the claim shared online can be seen ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).

The U.S. President did visit a hospital on Christmas Eve, despite claims online. Seacrest Studios are located in numerous pediatric hospitals across the nation, set up by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, for children to be able to experience and explore media, television and music while in hospital.

The Seacrest Studios at National Children’s Hospital was set up in 2015. According to the hospital, the studio "gives kids an interactive space to explore radio, television and social media, share their on-air talents and participate in entertaining programs that are broadcast directly to patient rooms” ( here ).

According to the non-profit: “We build broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios, in pediatric hospitals for patients to explore the creative realms of Radio, Television and New Media, that will aid in the healing process for children and their families during their stay. Seacrest Studios are used to provide a variety of programming to the patients in the hospitals, whether they are physically in studio or watching through a closed-circuit network from their in-room TV screen” ( here ).

A video of the opening of Seacrest Studios at the National Children’s Hospital can be seen ( here ).

Other locations of Seacrest Studios at pediatric hospitals can be viewed ( here ).

Photos of the visit were uploaded to Instagram by the hospital ( here ) while Reuters video reporting of the visit can be seen ( here ).


False. U.S. President Joe Biden visited the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 24. ‘Seacrest Studios’ have been set up in numerous pediatric hospitals across the country by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for children to explore new media and television when in hospital.

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