Fact Check-Satire article about Biden placing unvaccinated Americans in quarantine camps taken seriously

Social media posts claiming U.S. President Joe Biden plans to put unvaccinated Americans in quarantine camps have no basis in fact. The claims originated from a satirical article but have been taken seriously by some users.

The post featuring a caricature of Biden with the announcement that “Americans Not Vaccinated Before 2022 Will Be Put In Camps” is visible here .

The social media claim comes from an article published on, seen archived here ( The article includes dubious quotes, describing Biden’s plans to put unvaccinated individuals in camps with Biden saying, “The conspiracies need to stop, we need to end the spread of this thing, by getting your mark of the bea-, shot. You’re helping your neighbor, benefiting everyone, and growing the economy.”

The website contains a disclaimer labeling the article as satire at the bottom of the text.

The article also appears on self-described satire website, seen archived ( A disclaimer at the bottom of the site reads “ is a financial satire site. The site provides unique coverage on the financial industry, stocks, hedge funds and global markets. Mission: To provide daily humor and make stonks go up.”

A White House spokesperson confirmed the claims in the post are untrue.


False. The Biden Administration has not released plans to place unvaccinated people in quarantine camps. The claims were generated by a satirical article.

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