Fact Check-A fake set was not created for Biden’s COVID-19 booster shot


A misleading claim is circulating on social media sites that U.S. President Joe Biden received his booster shot for COVID-19 on a ‘fake White House set.’

Examples of claims are visible  here  and  here  .

A Twitter post (here) says, “Why did Joe Biden just give an interview from a fake Oval Office in a fake White House?”

The President’s immunization filming occurred at an actual location on the White House grounds.

According to Speeches and Remarks listed on the White House website (here), the Sept. 27 event was filmed and photographed at the South Court Auditorium located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. This building serves as the office of White House staff (here) and rests on the grounds of the White House next to the West Wing. A 2020 YouTube video captured during the Trump administration, which features a West Wing and Eisenhower Executive Office tour, is visible  here  .

The large South Court Auditorium seen  here  in Obama Administration archives is often used for events and filming in addition to the smaller White House Briefing Room (here).

Events featuring then-President Trump in the same room are visible here .

The set-up in the South Court Auditorium used for the booster shot has been used before and is visible in Sept. 22, 2021 Reuters reporting visible here here .

Biden’s booster shot was given in full view of the press inside the auditorium, which is visible from multiple angles seen in the C-SPAN video (here) and photos from Getty Images (here) (here).

A Reuters photographer present said the set used at the event was decorative in nature and “meant to fool no one.”

Reuters has debunked claims of Biden’s White House being a movie set in the past, visible here .


Missing context. The set used during press coverage of the President was not fake or at a fake White House. A Reuters photographer present described the set to be decorative, and it is in the South Court Auditorium located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

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