Fact Check-Video of Bill Gates with enlarged chest has been digitally altered

A digitally altered video making rounds on social media shows billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates with an enlarged chest.

Posts with the clip can be seen here , here , here comments questioning if he is “transitioning” or if he “got breast implants.”

But when comparing it to the unedited footage here , published on YouTube by entertainment site Gossip Bae on May 23, it is evident that Gates’ figure has been edited to make his chest look larger (altered version from timestamp 0:14 to 0:22 )

Most iterations feature a screengrab of a tweet with the altered video by user @mazemoore, whose biography includes the term “digital artist” ( here , archived here: ).

Reuters sought to contact the user but did not immediately receive a response.


Altered. Footage of Gates crossing a street has been manipulated to enlarge his chest.

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