Fact Check-Hundreds of dead birds on ship deck have been baselessly linked to 5G radiation

Footage of hundreds of dead birds scattered over the deck of a ship has been baselessly linked to 5G radiation.

Viewed more than 4,800 times on Facebook, the video (here) has been shared with the caption: “Cruise ship turns on 5G , birds this time, what next?”.

There is no evidence that the birds were killed by 5G.

A website (here) for those working in the cruise ship industry reported that the video was filmed by crew members in April 2020.

The Crew Centre said staff saw the birds flying around the ship the night before. Their corpses were found littered across the ship the following morning.

None of the crew knew how the birds died, the article says.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) told Reuters that they are “not aware” of any robust studies showing declines of bird populations which are solely explained by electromagnetic radiation.

The RSPB said scientific evidence for such a threat was “equivocal at best” and subject to much “inflammatory and unsubstantiated comment” online.

“At a time when the natural world is faced by so many threats that are well-proved and having national and international impacts, the RSPB has to prioritise and intervene where we can make a difference”, the RSPB said in an email.

“If sound science emerges that proves a clear and lethal link between 5G and large numbers of wild birds and the significance of this threat outweighs other known issues we are already campaigning on, we are prepared to review our position but at this time we have no plans to campaign against the roll-out of 5G.”

After analysing the video, bird migration website BirdCast hypothesised (here) that nocturnally migrating birds were attracted to and then disoriented by the lights of the cruise ship, resulting in collisions and mortality.

This is not uncommon and has been the subject of numerous studies, some of which can be read here , here , here and here .

Reuters has repeatedly debunked false claims about the dangers of 5G here , here).

The World Health Organization says no research has linked exposure to wireless technology with negative health effects (here).


False. There is no evidence to link the deaths of the birds to 5G. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) told Reuters that they are “not aware” of any robust studies that have shown declines of bird populations that are solely explained by electromagnetic radiation.

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