Fact Check-Photo shows buses belonging to the Toronto Raptors, not Black Lives Matter

Photographs of two buses with the words “Black Lives Matter” imprinted on them have been misinterpreted by users who believe that they were purchased by Black Lives Matter to transport people to protests. This claim is false: the buses belong to the Toronto Raptors NBA team and their logo is visible in red in the image.

An example can be seen here .

The text in the post reads: “It’s been 7 years since BLM was formed. They have raised over a billion dollars. They haven’t had 1 neighborhood cleanup, sent 1 poor black child to college, bought school supplies, feed the hungry or donated to a food bank or provided housing to 1 poor black family. Where is the money going other than to buy huge charter busses to transport members to riots!”

The photograph included in the posts show two buses transporting the Toronto Raptors, not Black Lives Matter members or protesters. The buses are not, as the posts say, owned by Black Lives Matter.

Photos of the buses, including the one shown in the posts, were posted on the Twitter page of the Toronto Raptors here on July 9, 2020 with the caption “Silence is not an option,” in support of Black Lives Matter’s message.

The logo of the team (as seen in blue) is visible in red towards the back of the buses.

The Black Lives Matter movement was started in 2013 by co-founders Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza, and has chapters around the United States and elsewhere that have organized protests. The co-founders told the New Yorker in June 2020 that Black Lives Matter “has always been somewhat decentralized”. “We have always said the power goes on in the local chapter because they know what is going on”. (here)

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” has also been widely adopted by politicians, sports teams, businesses and others, as a way to show support for racial justice protests and their aims, without necessarily indicating a formal affiliation to the Black Lives Matter network specifically.

The posts make other claims about Black Lives Matter largely beyond the scope of this fact check. Reuters was able to find evidence of Black Lives Matter chapters or supporters around the country conducting neighborhood cleanups here , here , and here , food and school supply drives here , here and here , as well as helping with housing assistance here .

A representative of Black Lives Matter contacted by Reuters did not immediately comment on the claims.

Fact Checkers USA Today here , Associated Press here , PolitiFact here and Snopes here have also debunked the claim about the Toronto Raptors bus.


False. The image shows buses for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, not Black Lives Matter.

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