Fact Check-Fabricated Bob Woodward tweet disparaging Trump created by satire account

An image showing a screenshot of what appears to be a disparaging tweet published by author Bob Woodward directed toward the former U.S. President Donald Trump is inauthentic and was created by a satirical Twitter account.

The screenshot purports to show a post published via Woodward’s official Twitter account (@realBobWoodward) that reads: “Since Donald Trump is suing me I will reveal something I’ve never revealed before about a public figure. The scent-barrier on his Depends^tm is completely insufficent [sic].”

While some considered the screenshot satirical in nature, others were duped into thinking the image showed an authentic post.

One user who shared the image on Facebook commented: “Gotta love Woodward” (here).

Other examples of the screenshot shared on social media can be viewed (here) and (here).

The screenshot is not authentic and instead was created by a satirical Twitter account that routinely shares fabricated posts under the handle @FaithRubPol.

A label can be seen at the bottom right corner of the image that links it to the account and indicates the satirical nature of the post (Parody by Back Rub).

The same label can be seen on other fabricated screenshots created by the account.

The account posted the image on Jan. 31 (here), archived (

Another indication of the image’s inauthenticity is the time stamp viewable at the bottom left of the screenshot (6:68pm).

A Twitter advanced search via Woodward’s Twitter profile did not reveal any such post ( A Google advanced search also did not reveal news articles reporting on the supposed tweet (

The screenshot circulated after reports emerged that Trump had launched a lawsuit against Woodward, claiming that he did not agree to the latter’s publishing of tapes of their conversations as an audio book (, (here), (here).

Woodward and a representative for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Satire. The post was created by a satirical Twitter profile that routinely creates fabricated tweets.

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