Fact Check-Image of Suella Braverman overlooking model of Auschwitz concentration camp is digitally altered

A cropped picture of Suella Braverman has been digitally added to a photo of a model of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The digitally altered image appears to show the British interior minister overlooking the replica site. However, some social media users sharing the mock-up appear to be unaware that it has been edited.

One Facebook user, whose post has amassed more than 500 shares (here), uploaded the altered image alongside the caption: “Braverman approving the layout of ‘the camps’,” which appears to be a reference to the migrant facilities the minister visited on March 18 (here) that have been built in Rwanda to house people who arrive in Britain without permission (here).

Similar posts can be seen on Facebook (here, here and here) and Twitter (here).

However, Braverman and a masked man have both been digitally added to the photo of the Auschwitz model. The original picture does not include either individual. It shows a Jewish boy sitting in front of a replica concentration camp that he built to honour his great-grandfather, who was held captive there.

The boy included the image in an article he wrote on May 4, 2016 (here).

The cropped photo of Braverman and the masked man was taken from a picture posted on the interior minister’s verified Twitter account (here), where she can be seen overlooking a different model of migrant facilities being built in Rwanda.


Digitally altered. Suella Braverman’s image was added to an old photo of a model of Auschwitz concentration camp.

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