Fact Check-Suella Braverman told select committee Home Office staff process one asylum case each per week

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman told a parliamentary select committee on Nov. 24 that, on average, Home Office staff process one asylum case each per week. However, some social media users appear to have misinterpreted her comments as meaning only one case per week is processed across the whole of the department.

One Facebook user, whose post has amassed more than 370 interactions (here), wrote in a Facebook group called ‘We Support Great Britain’: “'We've failed to control our borders': Suella Braverman admits Home Office staff are processing one claim a WEEK.”

It is unclear whether the author of the post meant one claim a week each, or across the entire Home Office. However, people in the replies appear to believe it is across the department.

One person wrote: “Imagine a company that had thousands of employees who only prossessed (sic) one application a week. It wouldn’t survive 6 months. The home office is a disgrace.”

Another said: “Did I miss something? Why are they only processing 1 a week. Theres (sic) 42 thousand illegal ones alone. People need get heads out of sand, why and who is encouraging this?”

Someone else replied: “At that current rate it will take 200 years to clear the backlog allowing for holidays and weekends.”

The wording of the post matches the headline of a Mail Online article (here) reporting on Braverman’s comments, which in its subheading included the detail: “She said that, on average, each officer was deciding one asylum case per week.”

A similar Mail Online article can be found here.

The BBC also reported on the revelation that Home Office staff individually were deciding one case per week on average (here).


Missing context. Suella Braverman revealed to a select committee that Home Office staff were each, on average, processing one asylum case per week.

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