Fact Check-Video of statue being lowered into sarcophagus was filmed in Brazil

A video of a statue of the Virgin Mary being placed into a sarcophagus has been mistaken by some social media users as footage of the body of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Millions of people have viewed the 76-second clip, posted to Facebook, YouTube and TikTok on Sept. 9, a day after the British monarch’s death. It shows the statue of a woman with her hands clasped being lowered into a sarcophagus sat in the centre of a church with gold-adorned walls (here , here and here ).

One version of the clip, viewed 4.9 million times, was uploaded to the account of a person who had posted almost exclusively about the queen and the wider royal family since Sept. 8. This appeared to lead friends and followers to believe the video of the sarcophagus was related (here).

“Beautiful casket! How many decades have it waited in the back rooms for this moment. The one for Charles already built and waiting for him,” said one person in the comments, referring to the queen’s son, King Charles III.

Another added: “Eternal rest grant unto Queen Elizabeth soul. May she rest in peace.”

But Reuters traced the video back to Aug. 15 in Brazil. It was captured during a service at The Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar (Portuguese: Catedral Basílica Nossa Sehora do Pilar) in São João del Rei, which was marking the Assumption of Mary (here).

Photos of the event, including the moment the statue was placed into the sarcophagus, can be seen here . Further details about the service itself can be found here .

The late queen, meanwhile, has an oak coffin. It was placed on Sept. 11 in the ballroom of Balmoral Castle, Scotland, before being taken by car to Edinburgh (here).

She will receive a state funeral on Sept. 19.


False. The video has nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth. It was filmed in Brazil in August and shows a statue of Mary.

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