Fact Check-Video shows a supermarket on fire in Birmingham, not a Hindu temple

A video of a building on fire followed by a fight between several men in Birmingham, UK, has been falsely claimed by social media users to show a deliberate fire at a Hindu temple and a related brawl.

According to users who shared the footage on Oct. 5, it shows a “temple burnt by muslim [sic]” during the Hindu festival of Navrati. “Hindus beaten up. England police ineffective in saving Hindus,” one user added (here ).

West Midlands Police said the claims about the video were false. “This is false. The video shows a fire at a supermarket in Birmingham on 19 September which was caused accidentally when a rubbish fire spread to the building,” the force said in response to a now-deleted tweet (here ).

Reuters geolocated the footage to Zeenat Supermarket on Alum Rock Road, Birmingham ( ), which was indeed affected by a fire on Sept. 19, according to BBC News (here ).

West Midlands Fire Service said at the time: “Our investigators are satisfied that the fire started accidentally when the outdoor burning of rubbish spread to the building” (here ).

The section of the video showing people fighting outside Zeenat Supermarket is also nothing to do with religious tension, according to West Midlands Police.

A spokesperson told Reuters on Oct. 4: “We believe the fight may have been connected to the parking of some cars. It is not connected to any wider issues.”


Miscaptioned. The video shows an accidental fire at a supermarket on Sept. 19, and a fight believed to be over parking cars.

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