Fact Check-No evidence Sir David Amess was killed due to his stance on COVID-19 policies

British lawmaker David Amess, who was stabbed to death while meeting constituency voters, has become the focus of a baseless suggestion that he was killed due to his stance on COVID-19 policies.

The Southend West member of parliament died on Oct. 15 after he was stabbed at a church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex (here). Officers at the scene arrested Ali Harbi Ali, the 25-year-old son of an ex-advisor to a former Somali prime minister (here).

Social media users later shared news of Sir David’s death, with some suggesting his opposition to COVID-19 vaccine passports (here , here , here , here , here), lockdown and mask restrictions (here), plus the pharmaceutical industry (here, here, here), could have supplied a motive.

“They sacrificed someone they saw as a threat, so they could do exactly this,” wrote one person who made the claim on Twitter. The same user also included a hashtag: #TooConvenient.

There is no evidence to suggest the MP’s stance on COVID-19 policies was a motive for his killing.

On Oct. 16, the day after the incident, Scotland Yard formally declared it a terrorist investigation, and said early findings had revealed a potential link to Islamic extremism (here).

The suspect is currently being held in custody at a police station in Essex. He is being questioned under counter-terrorism laws and is believed to have acted alone.

Amess spoke publicly about opposing the implementation of England’s second national lockdown in Nov. 2020 (here), the mandating of face masks (as reported, here) and the introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports (here) – but he did support some measures.

Amess voted in favour of the government’s draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021 on July 13 (here), which comes into force on Nov. 11 (here) and will prevent people from entering or working in care homes unless they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or are exempt under the regulations (here).


False. There is no evidence that David Amess was killed because he expressed opposition to vaccine passports and other pandemic policies. Investigators have declared the case a terrorism incident and said early findings have revealed a potential link to Islamic extremism.

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