Fact Check-Photos of two boys embracing covered in dust are from Syria in 2016, not Gaza in 2021

Images of two boys covered in dust crying and embracing each other have been incorrectly labeled as showing “two brothers from Gaza” and shared online amid the recent flare-up of violence between Gaza and Israel. The stills actually show two young survivors of a bomb attack in Syria in August 2016.

“Two brothers from Gaza, one of them thought that the other had died during the bombing, but it was a surprise,” reads a meme featuring the images that has been shared over 760 times on Facebook (here). Other iterations can be seen here and here .

The posts feature stills from footage originally published by the Aleppo Media Center on August 25, 2016, as seen via its YouTube channel (contains sensitive content: here). According to CNN and the Washington Post (here, here), the two boys were sobbing over the loss of their brother in a bombing attack in Aleppo City.

Weeks of violent clashes in East Jerusalem have ignited the heaviest fighting in years between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip (here).

At least 103 people have been killed in Gaza over the past four days, including 27 children, Palestinian medical officials said. On Thursday alone, 49 Palestinians were killed in the enclave, the highest single-day figure since Monday May 10. Seven people have been killed in Israel: a soldier patrolling the Gaza border, five Israeli civilians, including two children, and an Indian worker, Israeli authorities said (here).

Reuters has verified other misleading claims regarding the 2021 Israel-Hamas conflict here, here, here, here .


Mislabeled. Photo shows two brothers after bombing in Syria in 2016, not in Israel-Hamas conflict in 2021.

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