Fact Check-Image of Bruce Springsteen wearing anti-Trump t-shirt is digitally altered

An image shared by users online during hearings by a Congressional panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol attack purports to show musician Bruce Springsteen wearing a t-shirt with a message calling for former U.S. President Donald Trump to be convicted. The image is digitally altered, and the original was captured in 2015 and published in The Daily Mail newspaper.

The image shows the multi-Grammy award-winning musician walking in jeans, wearing a black t-shirt with text that reads: “You can not [sic] buy happiness but you can convict Trump and that is kind of the same thing”.

One user added in the comments: “Lol! Not a Bruce fan … but I’m liking him in this!!! Hahaha!!” (here).

Other examples of the altered image shared online can be found (here ), ( here), (here) and (here).

A reverse image search reveals the original photograph was published by The Daily Mail in 2015, where Springsteen was captured wearing a plain black t-shirt with no text viewable across the front (here).

The photograph was also published by the Spanish outlet ‘Hola’ and can be seen (here).

According to the outlets, the image was taken at The Longines Global Champions Tour in Cannes, where Springsteen‘s daughter was competing (here).

Reuters has previously addressed examples of digitally altered t-shirts online, where the altered message pushes a particular political message or narrative (here), (here), (here), and (here).


Altered. Bruce Springsteen was not pictured wearing a t-shirt calling for former U.S. President Donald Trump to be convicted. The image is digitally altered, and in the original photograph captured in 2015, Springsteen was wearing a plain black t-shirt.

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