Fact Check-Canadian government did not issue letter banning ‘Let’s go Brandon’ phrase

Social media users are sharing a letter allegedly sent by Shared Services Canada banning employees from using the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”. The agency confirmed the letter is fabricated and is playing on an anti-Biden slogan that has gained popularity on social media.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text in one post reads: “Canadian government bans employees from saying “Let’s Go Brandon.” Can you believe this? Should everyone just go back to F**k Joe Biden?”

The fabricated letter, dated Oct. 14, 2021, reads, in part, “1a) The uses of colloquialism or saying with intended double meaning or offense are strictly prohibited in all means of correspondence and/or communication. 1b) Specifically, the use of the wording “Let’s Go Brandon” and any variation thereof under any circumstance is banned by the Canadian Public Service […] Violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal without recourse or labour union representation.”

The Daily Wire reported on the fabricated letter in early October (here), featuring a tweet by user Peter McCaffrey (here) as the source.

A spokesperson for Shared Services Canada told Reuters via email: “We can confirm this message was not issued by Shared Services Canada and it does not reflect departmental policy.”

“Let’s Go Brandon!” is an anti-Biden chant inspired by an interview with an NASCAR driver in which profanities against the U.S. President were heard in the background here and Business Insider here .


False. The letter allegedly sent by Shared Services Canada about anti-Biden phrase being banned is fabricated.

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