Fact Check-Picture of 'my first vape' toy is a meme and not authentic

A picture of a baby’s toy titled “my first vape” is a meme created in 2017 and is not an authentic toy for children, despite confusion on social media.

Examples of the image can be viewed (here), (here) and (here). It shows a box with a picture of a baby printed on the side. The baby is holding an object which has “my first vape” emblazoned across the front.

In comments left beneath the picture on social media, users have expressed confusion over whether the image was authentic. One writes: “Wow really how dumb. Let’s teach our kids to smoke before they can even walk, why would anyone even buy this for their kid.”

Another social media user asks: “Is this a joke or real?!”

The toy is not real, and the meme was first shared by the New York-based marketing professional, Adam Padilla, in 2017.

Padilla’s Twitter name, ‘adam.the.creator’ appears on the left-hand side of the box, in grey print.

Padilla tweeted the image in August 2017, with text that reads: “Damn they got vapes for babies now” (here), while the image was also shared on his official Facebook account (here).

Padilla has created similar memes in the past, including a meme of a toy for children titled ‘soul crushing meeting,’ (here) and a ‘plastic surgery playset’ (here).


Satire. An image depicting a baby’s toy titled “my first vape” is not authentic. The image is a meme created in 2017.

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