Fact Check-Chris Evans was not wearing a ‘Keep America Trumpless’ t-shirt in this photo

An edited image of American actor Chris Evans, known for playing superheroes Captain America and The Human Torch, has convinced social media users he was wearing a t-shirt with an anti-Trump message.

“Keep America Trumpless,” the gray t-shirt in the image reads.

Recent posts with the image are viewable on Facebook ( here , here , here ) and Twitter ( here )

While some users note the image has been digitally manipulated, others seem to think it is authentic, with comments like: “Thank you Captain America” and “Love your shirt.”

Reuters found that the original and uncropped photo shows Evans wearing a gray t-shirt resembling the Oregon state flag (similar viewable ). It was posted by an Instagram user on Sept. 10, 2019, who poses next to Evans in the picture.

It is also posted by a fan page of the actor here .

Ahead of the Nov. 5 presidential election in the United States, Evans and other cast members of The Avengers supe hero movies participated in a virtual fundraiser for the then Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris. ( here , here ). The actor has criticized Trump in the past ( here, here , here ).

Reuters has previously debunked similar claims about other actors allegedly wearing anti-Trump t-shirts here , here .


Altered. Original photo shows Chris Evans wearing an Oregon state t-shirt.

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