Fact Check-False QAnon claims about Hilary Clinton being taken to Guantanamo Bay

Social media users have been sharing articles and posts which claim that Hillary Clinton has been arrested and flown to Guantanamo Bay detention camp where she will face a military tribunal. These claims are untrue. Clinton has not been arrested and has appeared on camera at International Women’s Day events after the day of her alleged arrest and transfer to Guantanamo Bay.

“Clinton Shipped to GITMO, Awaiting Military Tribunal” says the title of the article dated March 7, 2021 (here , here) being shared on social media (here , here).

The article claims that Clinton has been arrested and on the morning of March 5 she was flown to Guantanamo Bay, where she is awaiting a military tribunal in a private cell. The article alleges that former President Donald Trump orchestrated this with the military.

The claims of Clinton’s arrest are linked to the widely debunked QAnon conspiracy whose followers believe Trump is secretly fighting a cabal of child-sex predators that includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and “deep state” allies, including Clinton (here). “Q”, the secret leader of the group, has falsely predicted Clinton’s arrest in the past (here).

Adherents also falsely believed Trump was secretly still in power and would be sworn in for a second term in office on March 4 (here , here).

After losing the election to President Joe Biden, Trump is no longer president and therefore does not have power over the military: Reuters has debunked the claim that Trump is still in power and has power over the military here and here .

The articles being shared on social media appear to be a “follow-up” to a previous article, which Reuters debunked, claiming Clinton was arrested by Navy SEALs on March 2. The Navy confirmed to Reuters that this was definitely not true. On March 9, Nick Merrill, a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, also told Reuters that Clinton has not been arrested (here).

Clinton can be seen here and here speaking at a Washington Post International Women’s Day event on March 8, three days after the posts claim she was taken to Guantanamo Bay. Her presence at the talk and the background seen in the videos show that she is not in a cell at the detention camp.

Clinton also attended a virtual Q&A on March 8 for International Women’s Day with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chrissy Teigen, hosted by Amanda Gorman, the first U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate. Photos of Clinton at the event can be seen here and here .

Clinton’s social media accounts have been active with new posts since March 2 (the date of her alleged arrest) and March 5, as seen , here , here .


False. Hilary Clinton has not been arrested, these claims stem from the debunked conspiracy theory QAnon.

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