Fact Check-False article about Haitian President’s ‘exposé’ on Clinton Foundation stems from self-described satirical fake-news website

An article by a website that describes itself as “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet” has appeared on social media stripped of the context that makes clear it is false.

“BREAKING: Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to expose Clinton Foundation fraud tomorrow,” reads the headline of the article. Screenshots of it can be seen on Instagram and Facebook ( here , here , here ).

Some social media users believe it is authentic. “So he was going to expose the Clinton crime foundation? No wonder he was murdered!” and “Very Convenient for the Clintons”, some comments read.

The article was published by Genesius Times, which describes its aims as satirical and openly states that its output is false ( here ). However, many posts of the article feature a screenshot of the headline and photo without the rest of the text, or the context explaining that it is not a genuine news report.

At the bottom of their main page, the publisher includes a disclaimer that states: “We strive to provide the most up-to-date, accurate fake news on the Internet. Our team of journalists, hacks, and starving writers only want one thing: to make you laugh and/or cry.” ( here )

It appears the article was published on July 7 (according to the source code of the page), after the announcement of Moise’s death on the early morning of that day ( here ) . The publisher, also labeled as satire on Facebook, posted the article on July 7 ( here ), further suggesting it was created after his death was made public.

Moise, a 53-year-old former businessman who took office in 2017, was shot dead and his wife, Martine Moise, was seriously wounded when heavily armed assassins stormed the couple's home in the hills above Port-au-Prince at around 1 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) ( here ).

A Reuters explainer here the information about the assassination that is known so far.

Reuters found no reports of Moise telling any media about the Clinton Foundation days before his death, as some posts claimed ( here, here).

Reuters has tackled other false claims around Moise’s assassination here, here here.


False. The claim that late Haitian President Jovenel Moise was going to expose a fraud of the Clinton Foundation stemmed from an article on a website that describes its own output as satirical fake news.

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