Fact Check-Screenshot of purported CNN tweet about Dalai Lama is fabricated

A fake tweet attributed to CNN about Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is circulating on social media.

The screenshot, made to appear as sent from a verified CNN account (@CNN) reads: “The Dalai Lama sparks controversy, after stating white nationalist talking points on immigration and nationhood, causing condemnation. In a rambling conversation, the elderly monk appeared to suggest that so-called, “white countries” had a right to expel non-white people (sic).”

Examples are viewable ( here ) ( here ).

An uncropped version of the tweet circulating online includes the date when it was allegedly posted, May 9, and that shows that 29 users quote tweet it ( here ).

A CNN spokesperson told Reuters the tweet “is fabricated.”

Reuters found no evidence that CNN posted this tweet. A Twitter advanced search on CNN’s Twitter timeline yielded no relevant results ( ). In addition, no articles containing the alleged quote appeared on their website ( here ).

The fake screenshot also spread on the online forum 4Chan and social media platform GAB ( here ), alongside a longer text on immigration.

A search on the Dalai Lama’s social media profiles and Google provided no evidence of him making such statements ( ) ( ) ( ).

In 2018, asked about refugees while speaking in the city of Malmö, Sweden, the Dalai Lama said that other countries were “morally responsible” for helping refugees who face danger, but that they should eventually return to rebuild their own countries. “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he said. ( )

In another statement referring to the response his comments received, he said that “in the short term, European countries should provide them with shelter, and should particularly provide children with facilities for education and training, including mechanical training, for the young people. The aim is that they should eventually be able to return to rebuild their own countries.” ( here ).

In 2020, he told TIME that “the people” held the responsibility to fight racial injustice ( here ).


False. This screenshot purporting to show a tweet from CNN is fabricated.

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