Fact Check-Purported CNN article about 40-year-old vaccinated COVID-19 victim is fabricated

Social media users have shared a screenshot of an article purporting to be from CNN about a 40-year-old vaccinated victim of COVID-19.

The headline reads: “Healthy 40-year Old [sic] COVID Victim’s Last Words: “I blame unvaccinated for this.”

The CNN logo appears on the top corner with an image of a woman lying on a hospital bed.

The article is fabricated and does not appear on CNN’s website. A CNN spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that the article had not been published on the network’s website.

While the hoax article clearly indicates that it is satirical, many users appeared to take it seriously. The text of the falsified article reads: “Sheila Johnson lived the way any healthy American would, waking up at 6am to eat a dozen eggs, 36 pancakes, 40 sausages and washing it down with a gallon of maple syrup. That was until she caught COVID from her unvaccinated neighbor, 58-year-old triathlete Richard Sorenson who had COVID but wasn’t aware of it.”

The falsified article claims that the woman was vaccinated months prior with a Pfizer vaccine and subsequently died while her unvaccinated neighbor refused as he is fit and healthy.

One individual added in the comments: “This is the crux of our current society...blame everyone else for your problems while taking no personal responsibility for your own choices.”

Another said: “Is this for real? CNN reports this lady’s “story” as maliciously twisted as every other article they report. Its [sic] like a grocery store tabloid.”

Examples of the image are viewable ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), and ( here ).

The image associated with the fabricated article is also not of a COVID-19 patient.

Instead, the photograph is of an individual who featured on season 9, episode 4 of ‘My 600-lb Life’ on the network TLC ( here ), ( ).

Reuters has previously addressed the claim that young, healthy individuals cannot be affected by COVID-19 ( here ).


False. A screenshot claiming to show a CNN article about a “healthy” 40-year-old vaccinated victim of COVID-19 is fabricated.

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