Fact Check-Body found near G7 conference not connected with satanic rituals

There is no evidence that an unexplained death of a person in Cornwall, southwest England, was linked with satanic rituals, as suggested by some social media users.

The false claim was made on Instagram (here) and builds on earlier misinformation that such rituals were carried out near this month’s meeting of G7 leaders in Carbis Bay, Cornwall (here). Reuters addressed this claim here , and found images of those allegedly carrying out the rituals were climate protesters.

In the latest Instagram post, pictures of the climate demonstration have been placed alongside screenshots of media headlines about a body recently found by police in the same region. The caption reads: “A body found and satanic rituals???”, under which other Instagram users suggest there was a connection between the events. One said the body was a “sacrifice” in a “demonic” incident.

There is no evidence to support this. The images do not depict black magic on Cornwall’s beaches, but environmental activist groups The Red Rebel Brigade ( , here) and Ocean Rebellion (here , here).

The screenshots of news headlines, meanwhile, were taken from national news website the Daily Mirror (here) and local media platform Cornwall Live (here), both of which reported that emergency services found a body near the Cornish coast on June 11.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police told Reuters that officers found a body at around 11.30am on June 11 near Bassets Cove in Cornwall (here). This is around 12 miles from Carbis Bay, where the G7 summit was held.

“Police are currently treating the death as unexplained but there are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances,” the representative said.

There is no information connecting the climate protests with the dead body.


False. The pictures of demonstrations show climate activist groups, not people carrying out satanic rituals. There is no evidence connecting the activists to the body found near Bassetts Cove. Police say the death is not thought to be suspicious.

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