Fact Check-Mobile vaccination clinic shut early for ‘staff safety’

A video has gone viral online showing people warning security guards of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions at a vaccination clinic in northeast England. Police were called to the scene and internet users claimed police officers shut down the clinic. However, the clinical commissioning group (CCG) in charge of the area told Reuters it closed due to safety concerns.

In the clip, individuals walk up a street which Reuters confirmed to be Mile End Road in South Shields, a coastal town in South Tyneside. They approach security staff at an outdoor, drop-in vaccination unit and reference an alleged “criminal investigation” into COVID-19 vaccines, expressing concern about people “dying and suffering from serious adverse reactions”.

Later in the video, one of the individuals asks for the police to be called and Northumbria Police officers arrive. Eventually, the mobile vaccination clinic packs up and drives away.

The footage has been seen at least 15,400 times online, with users of a video-sharing site claiming the individuals “shut down" a vaccination site with police present (here).

South Tyneside CCG, which is responsible for mobile vaccine sites in the area, confirmed to Reuters that the walk-in minibus clinic was scheduled to be at the junction of King Street and Mile End Road in South Shields on Jan. 14 from 10am to 3pm.

However, Northumbria Police were not responsible for “shutting down” the clinic, despite being in attendance, the CCG said.

At approximately 11:30am, the vaccine team leader made the decision to close the clinic for the safety of the staff, according to the CCG.

The security company present at the time was not immediately available for comment.

Reuters previously addressed claims of a “criminal investigation” by London’s Metropolitan Police into Britain’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout here – which social users falsely claimed had been used to shut down vaccination centres.

Reuters also reported that a British newspaper retracted an advert which used police logos unofficially and falsely claimed police forces are investigating COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions here.


False. Police did not shut down the mobile vaccination clinic in South Shields. The drop-in centre’s vaccine team leader made the decision to close due to staff safety concerns.

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