Fact Check-Syringe used to give booster shot to PM Johnson was not covered with a cap

Contrary to claims made online, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not receive his COVID-19 booster shot with the “cap still on” the syringe. Footage of the moment clearly shows an exposed needle.

“Caps [sic] still on that syringe,” reads a tweet that includes a picture of Johnson receiving a vaccination (here).

“Zoom in and you can see @BorisJohnson get a jab whilst it still has a cap on it,” part of another tweet reads (here). Other iterations on Twitter and Facebook can be seen here , here and here.

Johnson received his COVID-19 booster shot on Dec. 2 at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and urged others to follow suit to help the country fend off the Omicron variant of coronavirus (here).

People making the claim about the syringe cap point to the image shared by Johnson on his social media (here , here).

While the photo in question does not show an exposed needle, video of the moment clearly does.

It can be seen (from 01:06) and (from 00:20).

A press pool photograph (here) also shows the exposed needle.

Asked about the claims made online, a spokesperson at St Thomas’ Hospital told Reuters via email: “I can confirm that the PM received the Pfizer vaccine.”

Reuters previously debunked numerous similar claims that baselessly alleged politicians or public figures faked receiving a COVID-19 vaccination (here , here , here , here).


False. PM Boris Johnson did not receive his COVID-19 booster shot with the “cap still on”.

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