Fact Check-Tesco's Christmas advert was not removed due to backlash over it showing a vaccinated Santa Claus

British supermarket chain Tesco has not removed its annual Christmas advert after receiving backlash for featuring a double-vaccinated Santa Claus.

The false claim has been shared across social media in posts like these (here , here).

Titled “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us,” the 2021 advert (here) shows a montage of people determined to celebrate the festive season.

One clip shows a breaking news flash warning that “Santa could be quarantined”.

Father Christmas is then seen at border control presenting a COVID-19 pass, which reveals he has been vaccinated, to the cheers of people around him.

Following its release, social media users have claimed the advert has been removed due to backlash over this scene.

“Wow the power of the people. Tesco has removed its Xmas Ad. Tell me the pro choice are a minority now !!” posts shared hundreds of times read.

“This is fantastic!!” responded one user in the comment section (here), alongside a screenshot of the scene. “Looks like people are waking up!!”

However, a spokesperson for Tesco confirmed to Reuters via telephone that this was not true, and that the advert had not been removed.

It can still be viewed on the company's YouTube channel here.


False. A Tesco spokesperson told Reuters that the advert has not been removed.

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