Fact Check-Poster claiming Irish COVID-19 vaccine certificates will be void without boosters is fake

A poster masquerading as an official document from Ireland’s health agency has duped hundreds of social media users into thinking it is real. It falsely claims that a person’s COVID-19 vaccine certificate will be void if they refuse to accept a booster shot.

Social media users have shared a photo of the poster on Facebook (here and here) and Twitter (here), which shows the logo of the Health Service Executive (HSE). With multiple spelling errors, it reads: “To protect our vunerable [sic] community this winter, it is vital that we all play our part.

“Please come forward to receieve [sic] your Covid-19 booster… Please note that failure to keep your vaccinations up to date on an ongoing basis will result in your vaccine passport becoming void. Privileges will be granted to fully vaccinated people only.”

An HSE spokesperson told Reuters that the poster was a fake and had dishonestly hijacked the government’s public messaging on COVID-19.

“This is not an HSE poster,” the spokesperson said via email. “The information included on the poster was not authorised or published by the HSE.”

According to the Department of Health, a person is considered fully vaccinated after one dose of the Janssen vaccine, or two doses of either Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna or Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines (here).

Booster shots are being rolled out to healthcare workers, people with underlying health conditions, the over-60s, and people living in nursing homes and long-term healthcare facilities (here).

The Irish government has also announced plans to widen the rollout to adults over the age of 16 (here).


False. The poster was not released by the HSE.

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