Fact Check-Photo of ‘captured military jet’ is from Croatia in 2011

A photo of a tractor towing a military jet on a residential street has mistaken thousands of social media users into thinking it shows a Ukrainian farmer capturing a Russian aircraft.

More than 48,000 people have interacted with the picture since it was posted to Twitter on March 10 with the caption: “BREAKING: Ukrainian farmer captured a Russian military jet” (here).

Hundreds have also engaged with separate iterations of the post on Facebook (here and here).

Unverified reports of Ukrainian farmers taking equipment from Russian troops have spread widely on social media since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of its neighbour (here). While such claims are outside the scope of this check, the claim associated with tractor towing the jet can be debunked.

Reuters traced the image back to Croatia in 2011 when local news outlets reported on a military jet being towed through Zagreb while en route to an event marking the 20th anniversary of the country’s armed forces (here , here and here). The image is not at all related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Moreover, the Croatian coat of arms can be seen on the jet, which is also pictured in front of a branch of Raiffeisen Bank – the shopfront of which displays a Croatian website (


Miscaptioned. The photo was taken in Croatia in 2011. It has nothing to do with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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