Fact Check-Video about Ted Cruz makes unsubstantiated claims and includes unrelated Senate and House hearing clips

There is no evidence that U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz released a document from “Hunter Biden’s laptop” that implicates U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, contrary to claims made alongside a video posted to social media.

A more than 20-minute-long video circulating on Facebook alongside this claim combines unrelated statements from Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Cruz, Representative Chip Roy, and an extract of Cruz’s address at CPAC 2022, the United States’ most prominent conservative gathering.

“Boom! Its Over! Ted Cruz LEAKS New Document Obtained from Hunter’s Laptop IMPLICATING Nancy Pelosi,”(here). It had garnered over 13,000 views as of the writing of this article.

None of the clips featured in the video, however, substantiate the claim that Cruz “leaked” documents “implicating” Nancy Pelosi.

Yet some users seem to think the claim is authentic. “How can this be fake? Is there in front of your eyes, just listen,” a user commented.

“BRILLIANT TED CRUZ,” another one wrote.

Reuters found no evidence that Ted Cruz made any such announcement about a purported leaked document (

A keyword search on Google brought fact-checking articles debunking this (here) and a similar claim (here).

Cruz’s representatives did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


The first 7:34 minutes of the clip show Grassley on Aug. 4, during a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray (the clip on social media has been flipped vertically).

During his address (starting at timestamp 00:05:51) (here), Grassley claimed the FBI’s decision-making process has been infected with “political bias” and criticized the federal agency for their handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. A transcript of his statement can be found (here).

The transcript does not mention Nancy Pelosi.


Between timestamps 7:35-13:00 the video features an extract of Cruz’s statement at a different hearing on Aug. 3, which discussed security threats against Election Workers (around timestamp 1:30:25) (here).

He is seen in an exchange with Kenneth Polite, Jr., Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice.

Cruz claimed that the DoJ is “politicizing the enforcement of justice” and saying law enforcement seemed to “exactly follow the pattern of preferences” of the Biden administration. Polite Jr. said “politics shouldn’t play and does not play any role in our prosecutorial decisions.”

Cruz made no mention to “new documents” that “implicate” Pelosi in anything.


From timestamp 13:00 to 16:21, the clip shows Cruz’ speech on Aug. 5 during the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference, as shown in a video by Forbes (here) in which he criticized the administration of President Joe Biden.

He did mention Pelosi in several occasions during the speech ( ( ( but not in reference to an alleged “leaked document”, as social media posts claim.


The last clip featured in the compilation shows Texas Representative Chip Roy on July 28, during a House Committee hearing on oversight the Justice Department’s National Security Division (starting 3:38:42) (

It starts with Matthew G. Olsen, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, responding to questions from Roy on drug cartels and the movement of illegal drugs across the U.S. borders.

Throughout their exchange, they don’t refer to Pelosi, Hunter Biden or an alleged leaked document.


Misleading. This video compiles unrelated statements from Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Chip Roy. The clips do not show Cruz has “leaked” a document that implicates U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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