Fact Check-Photo shows protest in Egypt in 2011, not Cuba in 2021

A photo of a protest in Alexandria, Egypt in 2011 has been mislabeled online as depicting the recent protests in Cuba, the biggest anti-government protests in decades in the Caribbean country.

A July 12, 2021 Facebook post featuring the image, shared over 400 times here (left) reads: “May God be with our brothers & sisters in Cuba on this historical moment!”

Thousands of Cubans joined demonstrations throughout the country on July 11 to protest a deep economic crisis that has seen shortages of basic goods and power outages. They were also protesting against the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and curbs on civil liberties ( here ).

Reuters footage and coverage of the demonstrations can be seen here, here, here / , here.

The image was captured by Associated Press (AP) photographer Tarek Fawzy in February 2011 ( here ). Another angle can be seen ( here ).

The description says the image shows “thousands of Egyptian anti-government protesters march in Alexandria, Egypt”, against then President Hosni Mubarak. A Reuters timeline of the events in Egypt in 2011 can be seen here.

The higher quality image seen on the AP website shows that protesters were holding Egyptian flags.

Google Street View also shows a similar location at Alexandria’s seafront ( , see seven story building, lighting posts and squared billboards).

The second image in the Facebook post ( here ) shows a recent demonstration in Miami indeed taking place because of the protests in Cuba. It was captured by Pedro Portal from the Miami Herald ( here ). Its description reads, “thousands of Miamians show their support near Little Havana” on July 11. The location can be corroborated on Google Street View ( ).


Miscaptioned. This mislabeled image shows an anti-government demonstration in Alexandria, Egypt in 2011, not a protest in Cuba in July 2021.

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