Fact Check-Fabricated Billie Eilish quote taken seriously

Users are sharing a fabricated quote attributed to singer Billie Eilish about wanting to be poor so that she can relate to most of her fans. This quote originated from a Twitter page not afflated with Eilish.

Examples can be seen here and here , with comments including: “This what she really said”, “This woman is the ultimate poser in everything” and “Yeah cause starving is fun and cute lol”.

The description of the tweet reads: “In a new interview, Billie states that she cried when she got rich and ‘wanted to be poor so I can relate to most of my fans.’”

The tweet includes two photographs of Eilish, one with text that reads: “’When I got rich, I started balling my eyes out, I wanted to be poor so I can related to most of my fans.’ Billie said candidly. ‘I still want to be broke and poor, it looks really fun and cute.’ Billie said laughing”

The text does not disclose the publication, date or reason for the interview and includes spelling and grammar errors.

The tweet originated from the now-suspended account “@BilliesUpdatess” and published on July 26, 2021 (here).

The bio for the account reads: “Your best source on 7x Grammy Winner, Billie Eilish. NOT affiliated with anything related to Billie Eilish.”

Reuters did not find any record of Eilish saying this quote in an interview or elsewhere.

Alexandra Baker, a representative for Eilish, told Reuters via email: “These are all fake, created by an account on Twitter that was suspended.”


False. Singer Billie Eilish did not say this quote about wanting to be poor to relate to most of her fans.

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