Fact Check-Claim that Elon Musk banned Greta Thunberg from Twitter stems from satire

Environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg has been active on Twitter as recently as March 14, and her account has not been suspended, Reuters checks show following claims online that Elon Musk banned her from the platform, which he owns. The claims appear to stem from satirical websites.

A tweet said: “This is one of amazing best things ever Elon Musk has done. Just in: Elon Musk bans Greta Thunberg from Twitter” (here) and links to an article about the supposed ban ( that is followed by a disclaimer saying it is “satire, not real news.”

Another example on Facebook says “Good job Elon” (here) and links to an article ( also explicitly labeled “satire.”

Thunberg’s Twitter account (@GretaThunberg) ( was not suspended or disabled at the time of writing.

On March 10, she tweeted a photo of a climate strike (here), and her account shows activity both before and after that date.

An archived version of Thunberg’s Twitter account is available for every day in March, when the claim began circulating, and it does not show a suspended or banned account (here).


Satire. Two articles about Elon Musk banning Greta Thunberg from Twitter are labeled as satire and there is no evidence Thunberg’s account has been suspended.

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