Fact Check-Ray Epps’ wife held a position at Dominion Enterprises, not Dominion Voting Systems

Claims that Robyn Epps, wife of Ray Epps – an individual at the center of a conspiracy theory that the FBI was behind the Jan. 6 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol – worked for electronic voting machines company Dominion Voting are unsupported.

Reporting on how Ray Epps became the target of these conspiracy theories can be found (here), (here).

Users making this allegation refer to a position previously held by Robyn Epps at a marketing services company called Dominion Enterprises (, which is distinct and unrelated to Dominion Voting that has also been target of conspiracy theories after the U.S. presidential election.

“Ray Epps Wife is Robyn Epps who is the National Director of Dominion Voting Systems. When all is said and…hangings aren’t good enough…” reads one version of the claim circulating on social media (here).

Other iterations allege that she works at Dominion Enterprises, and that Dominion Voting is “a division” of Dominion Enterprises (here), (here).

Other examples are viewable (here) (here) (here) (here) (here) (here).

The two companies, however, are different and not connected. Dominion Voting Systems is owned by its management and private equity firm Staple Street Capital (here), while Dominion Enterprises is owned by Landmark Media Enterprises (here) (here).

According to her LinkedIn profile, Robyn Epps was National Director of Sales and Development at Dominion Enterprises between 1990 and 2018.

A press release dated June 26, 2007 ( announced Epps was appointed for a position within one of the divisions of Dominion Enterprises. Per the release, the company provides “media and information services” including internet marketing, website design and CRM. It made no mention whatsoever of electronic voting technology.

In her LinkedIn profile, Epps describes herself as “retired” but also as an “event center owner” at Knotty Barn at Rocking R Farms. Robyn and Ray Epps acquired the Rocking R Farms property in 2010, according to an archived version of the website of the Knotty Barn (here), which is a venue that hosts weddings and other events in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Reuters found no evidence that Dominion Enterprises (here) has ties to Dominion Voting, or that Epps ever worked at Dominion Voting (

A spokesperson for Dominion Enterprises told Reuters that “Dominion Voting is NOT a division of Dominion Enterprises.”

Likewise, a spokesperson for Dominion Voting Systems referred to the claims as “completely false.”

“Dominion Voting Systems has no connection to Dominion Enterprises. They are two separate companies,” they said.

Unfounded and debunked claims of widespread voter fraud in the U.S. 2020 presidential election continue to circulate online as the country gears up for mid-term elections that will be held in November 2022 (here).

Reuters previously debunked other false claims about Dominion Voting Systems (here) (here )( here ) ( here here).


False. Claims that Robyn Epps, wife of Ray Epps worked for electronic voting machines company Dominion Voting are unsupported. According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously held a position for a company named Dominion Enterprises, which is different to Dominion Voting and not connected.

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