Fact Check-An old vacation picture of the Obama family has been photoshopped; it has nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein

An old photo of Barack and Michelle Obama, along with their two daughters, has been photoshopped and shared by social media users to baselessly claim the family vacationed on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

The altered image, posted to Instagram in mid-May, shows the Obama family huddling for a photo in an undisclosed coastal location (here). In the top left-hand corner is the infamous blue and white striped building situated on Little St. James Island, the private location owned by the estate of the late disgraced New York financier (here).

Epstein, a registered sex offender, took his own life in prison in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges (here). He was also widely known at the time for his high-profile connections, having once counted former United States presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton as friends (here).

No such link has been made with the Obamas despite the Instagram photo being photoshopped to claim otherwise.

The original picture was posted to the same platform by Michelle Obama in Aug. 2020 to mark her husband’s 59th birthday (here). While she did not disclose where or when it was taken, there is no sign of the blue and white striped building, meaning it was superimposed at a later date.

Reuters has previously debunked misinformation regarding Obama and Epstein, which can be viewed here.


False. The photo has been doctored to baselessly claim the Obama family vacationed on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

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