Fact Check-Facebook login screenshot requesting vaccine ID is fabricated, says Meta

A fabricated Facebook login screen requesting vaccination ID is circulating on social media.

“Confirm your identity. To log into your facebook account, you need to first confirm your identity. Log in with your vaccine ID,” reads the alleged screenshot carrying the Meta logo( )

Iterations of the image have been shared among English, Bulgarian, Arabic and Spanish speaking users ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).

While some users question the authenticity of the image, others appear to think it is real, with comments that include: “A lot of people, like me, depends on Facebook for work. That’s worrying news,” and, “Might have to get off [them] soon anyway. No [electric lightbulb emoji].”

Responding to the tweet that contained the image (now deleted), Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta (Facebook’s parent company), said the screenshot was “fake” ( here ). Stone directed Reuters via email to his tweet when asked about the claims.

At the time of writing of this article, no such screen appears when trying to log in on Facebook mobile or desktop.

Reuters was not able to confirm the origin of this image, but it has been circulating since at least Oct. 29, 2021 ( here ).


False. This is not an authentic log in screen to access Facebook, according to a Meta spokesperson.

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