Fact Check-Islamic scholar Zacky Mirza is alive, he did not die while giving a lecture in Indonesia

Claims that an Islamic scholar died while delivering a lecture at an event in the Indonesian city of Pekanbaru are false.

The claims stem from a video showing Zacky Mirza collapsing mid-prayer at the event on April 18 (here). In the clip, Mirza’s speech appears to grow laboured, before he falls onto the lectern. People in the vicinity are seen rushing to help and gently move Mirza to the floor.

“Indonesian Scholar returns to his Lord during a live lecture,” reads the caption accompanying an English-language Facebook post on the incident. “What will your state be when the angel of death visits? What will you be doing? Who will you be with? Will they be pious people who would be able to pray or those who will post a picture of you on social media saying RIP: gone to soon.”

However, this is not true. Mirza fainted during his lecture and was taken to a local hospital – but he did not die.

His wife, Shinta Tanjung, has addressed the rumours in an Instagram video, saying such claims were “not true” and that her husband was being treated in a hospital in Riau state (here). Mirza himself posted an Instagram video on April 19 to tell his followers his condition had “improved” (here), before he was transferred to another hospital for further treatment (here). By May 2, he had given several lectures, at least one of which was in-person (here).

The confusion about the incident and Mirza’s condition has also been widely reported in Indonesian media. More details can be viewed here , here , here and here .


False. Islamic scholar Zacky Mirza did not die while giving a lecture. He is alive and has been treated in hospital for an unspecified condition after fainting on camera.

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