Fact Check-No evidence QAnon followers are buying fabricated ‘second inauguration’ tickets

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A poorly edited ticket for President Donald Trump’s alleged “second inauguration” has made the rounds on social media, with users critical of Trump and his followers claiming the ticket is being sold online among followers of conspiracy theory QAnon. While the ticket in the photograph is indeed a fabricated image, Reuters found no evidence of such tickets being sold or bought within self-described QAnon groups online.

“This is just INSANE on a whole other level! These “tickets” are being sold for as high as $1200.00 each on Q sites all over the internet, and the really crazy part is that people are talking about how excited they are because they’ve already purchased them WTAF the deeper one digs the weirder it gets,” reads a Facebook post here that has also being replicated on Twitter here. Other iterations can be seen here , here , here and here .

According to the fake ticket, the event is to be held “in front of the capitol steps” on Aug. 15, 2021 and would feature “special musical guest stars: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock”, who have participated in previous Trump rallies ( here , here ).

The image is probably an edited version of a stock ticket image visible here the same barcode number “6360359061” and the “event code FC 2.00”).

Reuters could not find evidence of duped buyers “on Q sites all over the internet”, as the posts claim.

The earliest post Reuters could find on public Facebook groups and pages dates to June 11 ( here ) on a page of Hillary Clinton supporters.

Marc-Andre Argentino, a researcher at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization, posted a Twitter thread debunking the claim ( here ). He pointed to the stock image watermark still visible on the photos and that tickets for such an event would likely be in electronic form. An event at the capitol steps would also not likely require tickets at all.

Reuters also revised various Telegram channels that self-describe as QAnon or reference QAnon narratives and did not find any recent mention of the alleged event or tickets. A keyword search of the terms “ticket”, “inauguration” and “august” did not lead to any relevant results.

Adherents of widely debunked QAnon conspiracy theory, which espouses that former President Trump is secretly fighting a cabal of child-sex predators that includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and “deep state” allies ( here ), have claimed that Biden is not really president and that the military is secretly in power until Trump returns to office.


False. Reuters found no evidence that this evidently fabricated ticket is being sold or shared among QAnon followers. Most iterations are being posted by users that are critical of former President Donald Trump.

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