Fact Check-Old altered photo of Jane Fonda and John Kerry at an anti-war rally resurfaces

Social media users have been sharing a photograph that claims to show actress Jane Fonda with politician John Kerry at an anti-war rally. This photograph was digitally altered over 17 years ago.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text in the photo reads: “Actress And Anti-War Activist Jane Fonda Speaks to a crowd of Vietnam Veterans as Activist and Former Vietnam Vet John Kerry (LEFT) listens and prepares to speak next concerning the war in Vietnam (AP Photo).”

The photograph in the claim has been debunked multiple times since its appearance in 2004. Examples can be seen here , here and here .

Kerry was the Democratic nominee for president in 2004, when he lost narrowly to Republican President George W. Bush (here). President Joe Biden named Kerry as special climate envoy in his administration, likely accounting for the hoax’s resurfacing (here).

While an Associated Press credit is listed in the description of the photograph, it is not an AP photograph. The photograph in the claims has been edited to juxtapose two separate photos of Kerry and Fonda.

The original photograph of Kerry was taken on June 13, 1970 by photographer Ken Light, here . The location listed is Mineola, New York and the description reads: “John Kerry prepares to give speech at the Register for Peace Rally in 1970.”

Light discussed his photograph being altered here , citing concerns about the future of photo editing.

A photograph of Fonda visible here was added to Kerry’s to create the image in the claim.

Fonda’s photo was taken in August 1972 by photographer Owen Franken in Miami Beach, Florida. The description of the photo reads: “Jane Fonda protests both the Vietnam War and President Nixon at a rally near the Republican National Convention in 1972.”

Similar photos of Fonda at the same event can be seen here and here .


Altered. The photograph showing Jane Fonda and John Kerry has been fabricated. An image of Fonda was digitally added to Kerry’s photograph.

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