Fact Check-Photo shows a Palestinian child mopping up cow blood in his parent’s slaughterhouse; it is unrelated to the current violence in Gaza and Israel

Amid the recent flare-up of violence between Hamas and Israel, social media users have shared an image that they claim shows a Palestinian child cleaning up the blood of his mother in Gaza.

The image, however, was taken nine years prior to the current unrest and does not show human blood - nor is it related to conflict.

The escalating violence has so far left 223 dead in Gaza, including 63 children, Palestinian medical officials said (here).

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities reported that 12 people have been killed in Israel, including two children.

An image of a young boy cleaning a blood-covered floor has since spread across social media (here , here).

“This happened in Gaza based on this photo. A 5 –year -old - child [sic] cleansed the blood of his mother, his family in his own home”, the picture has been captioned. “He mopped up the blood of his family who died in his own home.”

But the image is unrelated to the current conflict.

According to the earliest iteration Reuters was able to find, the photograph shows a Palestinian child mopping up cow blood in his parent’s slaughterhouse.

The photo was uploaded nine years ago to 500px (here), an image sharing platform used by photographers to help launch or boost their careers. The Jerusalem-based photographer who captured the slaughterhouse photo, Rj Stitt, has also provided specific details of which camera and lens he used, as well as details of aperture, shutter speed and ISO (brightness).

In the image description, Stitt explains that he captured the imagine in Ramallah, a city in the West Bank – not Gaza.


False. The photo shows a Palestinian child in the West Bank mopping up cow blood in his parents’ slaughterhouse.

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