Fact Check-Video shared by high-profile Israeli official was filmed in Syria in 2018 – not Gaza in 2021

A video of missiles being launched in a built-up area has been falsely attributed the latest flare-up of violence between Israel and Hamas.

The 30-second clip was captured at night and shows multiple missile rounds being fired in an unknown direction. A superimposed caption in Arabic and English reads: “Gaza now” (here).

“Hamas firing rockets at Israel,” one Facebook user has captioned his video. He adds underneath: “Hamas is bragging about firing 137 rockets at Israel in 5 minutes. It fired over 300 rockets so far. We take pride in developing our lives, they take pride in destroying lives.”

On Twitter, the video was also shared by Ofir Gendelman, the spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who wrote: “Another video showing how Hamas is firing rockets at Israel from populated areas in the Gaza Strip. This is a double war crime: targeting civilians while using them as human shields. 1/3 of these 250+ rockets fell inside the Gaza Strip, killing Palestinians.” (here). The tweet was viewed by Reuters before it was later removed.

Since May 10, an escalation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants has left at least 71 people dead – 65 people in Gaza and six in Israel (here). This comes after a series of Israeli airstrikes on the Hamas-controlled enclave, as well as rockets fired by Hamas in the opposite direction.

The video of missile launches, however, has nothing to do with this conflict. Although it is not clear where exactly the original video came from, it can traced back to June 2018 (nearly three years before the latest Israel-Hamas hostilities) in relation to the conflict in Syria.

It is said to show missiles being fired inside the country’s Daraa Governorate, according to Syrian journalists and those who live in Daraa (here and here). Another video showing similar missile launches was posted on the same evening (here).


False. The video is not related to the May 2021 conflict between Israel and Hamas. It can be traced back to 2018, where it is claimed to show missiles being fired in Syria’s Daraa Governorate.

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