Fact Check-Fabricated Global News headline on ‘fascist graffiti’ circulates online

A fabricated headline purporting to have been published by the Canadian outlet Global News supposedly reporting that there has been a rise in “fascist graffiti” has misled social media users online into thinking it is authentic.

The image is dated Dec. 4 with the Global News banner across the upper section of the screenshot. The supposed headline reads: “Rise in fascist graffiti has experts concerned about the steel resolve of the far-right.”

One individual who shared the screenshot on Facebook commented: “Darn those far right extremist and them wanting freedum [sic]” (here).

Other examples of the image shared online can be viewed (here), (here) and (here).

A spokesperson for Global News confirmed to Reuters that they published no such headline.

A search through the Global News website did not reveal the supposed headline (

Archived versions of the outlet’s homepage saved on Dec 4 did not reveal the alleged report (here).

A Google advanced search did not reveal any such article published by any outlet, either (

A search through articles published by the reporter named in the screenshot does not reveal any such report (here).

The image is an example of imposter content which refers to an image or clip that mimics a legitimate organization such as a news outlet to spur on a false or misleading claim or narrative (here).


False. Global News did not publish a report on the rise of “fascist graffiti.” The screenshot was fabricated.

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