Fact Check-Clip of Lindsey Graham being heckled at airport was filmed in January 2021

A clip of U.S. senator Lindsey Graham being heckled at an airport while being called a ‘traitor’ by passersby was filmed in January 2021 after Joe Biden was certified as president. The video is unconnected to Graham’s announcement of his support for a gun safety bill titled the ‘Bipartisan Safer Communities Act’ in June 2022, contrary to recent social media posts.

The clip shows Graham sitting at a departure gate surrounded by a group of individuals holding up cell phones. The senator is then seen standing up and walking away alongside security personnel, with bystanders chanting ‘traitor’ toward the Republican lawmaker.

One user shared the clip via Twitter and said: “Lindsey Graham is a traitor, giving away our 2A rights…can’t even look the people in the eye” (here).

Another said: “Watch @LindseyGrahamSC laugh when asked about voting against America’s #2A Rights… #RINO” (here).

“2a” is in reference to the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, which protects the right to keep and bear arms.

Other examples of the clip shared on social media erroneously connected by social media users to Graham’s support of the ‘Safer Communities Act’ can be seen (here), (here), and (here).

The clip was not filmed in June 2022 after Graham’s announcement of support for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and instead, was captured in January 2021 shortly after Joe Biden was certified as president by the U.S. Congress.

The incident occurred at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington on Jan. 8, 2021, and was widely covered by outlets at the time, including Politico and The New York Times (here), (here).

Another angle of the incident was uploaded by Reuters to YouTube and Twitter on Jan. 9, 2021 (, (here).

The Senate's 80-page Bipartisan Safer Communities Act would encourage states to keep guns out of the hands of those deemed to be dangerous and tighten background checks for would-be gun purchasers convicted of domestic violence or significant crimes as juveniles (here).

Graham issued a statement via his website on June 21 announcing his support for the package (here).

On June 21, senators voted to speed passage of the gun safety package and on June 23, the Senate voted 65-34 to advance the package toward a final vote (here), (here).


Miscaptioned. A clip of passersby heckling U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham at an airport was filmed in January 2021 and is unconnected to his support of the ‘Bipartisan Safer Communities Act’ in June 2022.

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