Fact Check-Graphene oxide is not an ingredient in vitamin D product, Blackmores says

Online claims that a vitamin D product made by Australian company Blackmores contains graphene oxide are inaccurate. A spokesperson for Blackmores told Reuters the material is not an ingredient of the pills. The material is also not approved as an ingredient in therapeutic goods under Australian regulations.

Graphene oxide has been falsely connected with available COVID-19 vaccines since at least July 2021, as previously debunked by Reuters ( here ), ( here ) ( here ).

At least two different videos circulating claim to show a Blackmores pill dissolved in water and how a black material that allegedly came out of the dissolved pill forms spikes when attracted by a magnet.

“Stay away from this staff Blackmores Vitamin D3 1000IU contains magnetic graphene oxide! Just like the so called ‘vaccines’”, reads a tweet with one of the clips ( here ).

Another example can be seen ( here ).

The ingredients of Blackmores Vitamin D3 1000IU can be found ( here ). According to the company, the product “helps prevent vitamin D deficiency and helps calcium absorption.” ( here )

Contacted by Reuters, Leah Boonthanom, Group Communications & Content Manager for Blackmores, said “Graphene oxide is not in any of our product specifications or raw material specifications.”

Blackmores is subject to the regulations of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which does not permit the ingredient graphene oxide, she added.

The media unit of the Australian Department of Health also confirmed this to Reuters and said, “graphene oxide has not been approved for use as an ingredient in any TGA approved therapeutic good.”

All medicines, biologicals, medical devices and other therapeutic goods legally supplied in Australia are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ( here ), see Blackmores Vitamin D3 1000I ( here ).

The effect seen in the videos found online appear to be the result of iron oxide, an excipient, or inactive ingredient listed here ( here, see page 2).

Reuters tackled similar allegations about a different medicine in November 2021 ( here ) .

Iron oxide, also known as ferric oxide, is an organic compound that can have magnetic properties ( here ); it is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as a color agent ( here ). Its use is heavily regulated ( here, here).

Red and black iron oxide, listed in Blackmores’ product, are both among TGA approved colorings for oral medicines ( here ).

“Medicines can contain iron oxides as non-active ingredients (e.g. colors) as long as they contain 10 mg or less per tablet or otherwise 1 percent or less of total iron oxides,” the Australian Department of Health told Reuters. These amounts are specified in a legislative instrument called the Poisons Standard ( here ).


False. Blackmores Vitamin D3 1000IU does not contain graphene oxide, a Blackmores spokesperson told Reuters.

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