Fact Check-Photo does not show Haitian migrants wearing ‘Biden let us in’ T-shirts

Social media users are sharing a photograph that shows migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in March 2021 and claiming that it shows Haitian migrants in September 2021.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text in one post reads: “So, y’all telling me Haitians went and purchased shirts that says...’Biden Please Let Us In’.”

A reverse Google Images search revealed that the photograph is available on Getty Images here with the description: “02 March 2021, Mexico, San Ysidro: A group of migrants wearing T-shirts that read ‘Biden, please let us in’ kneel and pray at the border crossing. The group gathered and marched up to the border post to petition the new U.S. administration for asylum. U.S. Border Patrol (CPB) agents conducted a heavier operation at the border crossing with the goal of preventing a stampede.”

In early March, reports from the border were mostly around migrants from central America (here).

The photograph was not taken in September and does not show Haitian migrants fleeing natural disasters and political turmoil in the Caribbean nation (here).

U.S. authorities have deported more than 500 Haitians since Sept. 19 from a camp housing thousands of mostly Haitian migrants on the U.S. side of border, by the small Texan city of Del Rio (here).

They have ordered an investigation into an incident in which mounted U.S. border agents used their reins like whips to intimidate migrants trying to cross the Rio Grande border river. Photographs of the incident sparked anger and the Biden administration said the agents had been pulled from frontline duties.


Miscaptioned. The photograph shows migrants from March 2021, not Haitian migrants amid the recent immigration crisis.

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