Fact Check-‘My first hookah’ poster is a satirical artwork, not an advertisement for a real toy

The image of a brightly colored toy hookah seen on social media sites is not a new toy released just in time for Christmas, as some users suggest. The fake advertisement is the meme creation of digital artist Adam Padilla (@adam.the.creator).

A Facebook post, visible  here , bears the caption: “Nahhhhh they going crazy now with toys not my first hookah with the bubble’s.”

The post successfully tricked some social media users into thinking that the toy is authentic, with one user responding: “Shit when I was a kid they had candy cigarette u could blow out smoke everything.”

“The blood of Jesus…..” another responded.

Similar posts about the fake toy can be seen  here  ,  here  and  here  .

Meme creator Adam Padilla posted the original images, which feature a toy box with children blowing bubbles, to his social media pages on Dec. 15, seen  here  , here   , and  here  .

On his Instagram and Facebook posts, he included the caption: “Do these come in adult with CBD bubble fluid? “

Padilla is known for his comic creations, including the “My first vape” meme, which Padilla posted in August 2017, seen  here  .

Reuters has previously addressed posts that missed Padilla’s satirical context (here).

The artist did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.


Satire. “My first hookah” is the digital creation of meme creator Adam Padilla. It is not a real toy.

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