Fact Check-Image of storm clouds over Miami was created by digital artist in 2019

An image circulating among users claiming to show Hurricane Ian moving over Miami is not an authentic photograph captured in September 2022. Instead, it was created by a digital artist in 2019.

The still image shows swirling clouds over the Miami coastline, with examples of the miscaptioned image shared in 2022 viewable (here) and (here).

The image is not an authentic photograph taken during Hurricane Ian. In reality, it is a still from an animation that was created by artist Brent Shavnore in 2019.

Shavnore confirmed to Reuters that he created the image. He also uploaded the digital artwork to his Instagram page in May 2019 (here).

Reuters has previously addressed miscaptioned clips that circulated online during Hurricane Ian (here), (here).

The death toll from Hurricane Ian has climbed past 80 since the storm crashed ashore on Florida’s Gulf Coast with catastrophic force on Sept. 28 as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour (240 km per hour) (here).


Miscaptioned. The image of storm clouds over Miami was not taken during Hurricane Ian in late September 2022, but was created by artist Brent Shavnore in 2019.

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