Fact Check-Purported footage of Israel’s defense system is from video game

Footage on social media purportedly showing Israel’s defense system shooting at helicopters and planes is from a video game. A representative for Bohemia Interactive, the developer of the game in question, told Reuters the videos appear to show modified gameplays from a game called Arma 3.

Examples can be seen here , here and here , with users adding captions such as “Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System 19”.

The videos in the posts look digital, and similar to the graphics of the video game Arma 3. Examples of Arma 3’s gameplay can be seen on YouTube here , here and here .

Pavel Krizka, public relations manager for Bohemia Interactive (which owns the game, ), told Reuters via email that the videos on social media show its video game.

“The footage is indeed taken from (moded) Arma 3 game,“ Kriska said. A “mod” refers to users modifying or changing certain aspects of a game (here).

The posts surfaced amid the recent flare-up of violence between Israel and Hamas. More than 250 people, most of them Palestinians, were killed in the 11 days of violence before a ceasefire was agreed on May 21 ( here , here ).


False. The videos show clips from the video game Arma 3, not the Israeli defense system.

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