Fact Check-Video of Italian truckers is from 2021, not related to 2022 ‘Freedom Convoy’

Viewed tens of thousands of times, a clip shared online has been miscaptioned to say it shows Italian truckers joining the recent Freedom Convoy in Canada protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers. However, the video dates back to Sept. 2021 and is not related to COVID-19 restrictions.

The so-called "Freedom Convoy" - due to bring hundreds of trucks to Ottawa from the east and west of the country on Saturday - started out as a protest against a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers ( here ), but has turned into a demonstration against government overreach during the pandemic ( here ).

“ITALY. - Italian truckers now mobilising with Australian truckers. Joining forces #Together with Canada. No one is free until we are all free. It’s a beautiful thing, the people will decide. #TruckersForFreedom2022 #ConvoyForFreedom2022,” reads a tweet with the miscaptioned video that had been shared at least 2,025 times at the time of writing of this check ( here ).

“Italian truckers today in support of Canadian convoy,” a Facebook user wrote on Jan. 28; the post has garnered more than 3,200 shares. ( here )

Other iterations can be seen ( here ),( here ),( here ),( here ).

On social media site Gettr, a post with the clip has gained more than 1,300 likes ( ).

Reuters found iterations of this same video as early as Sept. 26, 2021 ( here ),( here ). The posts say it showed truckers protesting vaccine passports.

Italian fact-checkers Facta reported the images were shot on Sept. 25, 2021 in Turin during an annual truck meeting to celebrate the Feast of Saint Michael ( here ). The location can be seen on Google Street view ( ). Government authorities told Facta the trucks were not part of a protest.

Reuters has addressed other footage that has been miscaptioned on social media regarding the recent Canadian trucker’s convoy ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).


Miscaptioned. This video is from Sept. 2021 and is not related to the 2022 Canadian Freedom Convoy

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