Fact Check-Clip of Jill Biden singing ahead of NFL game digitally altered to add anti-Biden chant

A clip circulating that purports to show U.S. first lady Jill Biden clapping and singing ahead of a National Football League (NFL) game has been digitally altered to replace the original audio with an anti-Biden chant. No such chant can be heard in the original clip uploaded by the NFL, where Mrs. Biden and the crowd can be heard singing ‘Fly Eagles Fly,’ the Philadelphia Eagles fight song.

The clip circulating online shows Jill Biden alongside a group where most can be seen wearing Philadelphia Eagles tie-dye caps and “intercept cancer” sweatshirts.

One user shared the clip that appeared to show the first lady singing while the crowd booed and chanted an anti-Biden slogan via Twitter on Oct. 17.

One iteration on Twitter gathered over 230,000 views and more than 10,000 likes at the time of writing (here).

Other examples of the altered clip can be found (here), (here).

The audio was manipulated, however, and in the original clip uploaded by the NFL, no such anti-Biden chant can be heard (here), (here).

According to the NFL, the clip showed Biden standing alongside cancer survivors to lead the “Fly Eagles Fly” fight song before the Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles game on Oct. 16.

“The official NFL post featured unedited audio and video captured by the NFL social team,” Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Communications for the NFL confirmed to Reuters via email.

The audio that can be heard in the original NFL clips matches with facial and body movements made by Biden and the group around her in the video.


Altered. The original clip shows Jill Biden and the crowd singing the “Fly Eagles Fly” fight song. An anti-Biden chant was edited-in later, altering the audio of the original clip.

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