Fact Check-Video of child seemingly screaming a profanity at Jill Biden is digitally altered

A video in which a child appears to shout a profanity towards the U.S. first lady Jill Biden while she is reading to children is being widely shared online.

Iterations can be seen on Twitter ( here , here ), Facebook ( here , here ) and YouTube ( here , here ).

The video, which has had the audio altered, appears to have been initially posted by the Twitter account @PapiTrumpo ( here ), which regularly shares memes and edited footage.

While some users acknowledge the content is manipulated, others have left comments such as: “Who is that kid and how did this happen? Hahahaha,” “So disrespectfully! No matter which side you’re on!!!!” and “The best! That kid deserves an extra Christmas gift.”

The audio clip of the child’s voice was added to the video of Jill Biden reading. The original audio can be found here shows a scene in a classroom.

The edited video also delays Biden’s reaction at the end to make it appear as though she had stopped talking in reaction to an interruption.

The unaltered footage ( ), however, shows no children called out during her reading (see between timestamp 00:09 and 00:27).

The video captured Biden reading to children from her book “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” during an event as part of the Christmas decoration and holiday reception kickoff at the White House on Nov. 29. See Reuters pictures here, here, here.


Altered. This video has been altered to include the audio of a child yelling a profanity.

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